The aim of the Regional Tourist Information System (SITur) has always been to provide tourists with full and reliable information about the very best of each single part of the region based on its specific tourist resources.

We are strongly committed to promoting our area, highlighting the very best that it has to offer, not just providing the visitor with a simple collection of information, but allowing them to really make the most of their stay, not just as a tourist passing through but living exclusive and unforgettable experiences in some extraordinary places.

The editorial staff of inAppenninoModenese come from local council offices located in the valleys of the Modena Apennines: Fanano, Fiumalbo, Lama Mocogno Montecreto, Montese, Pavullo nel Frignano, Pievepelago, Polinago, Riolunato, Serramazzoni, Sestola.

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