Pievepelago is situated in the Pelago valley, on the banks of the mountain stream Scoltenna, tucked away in a green corner of the Modena Apennines lying on the boundary with Tuscany. It is surrounded by untouched nature, allowing it to proudly offer a holiday in its quietly beautiful mountains which are just waiting to be discovered.

pievepelago di giorno

What to see

The surrounding mountains, home to some of the most picturesque lakes in the Apennines, provide delightful scenery. The glacial Lago Santo or “Holy Lake” stands at an altitude of 1501 metres, and is a splendid place to visit in all seasons. Starting from here, there are many scenic itineraries along signposted paths leading to the summit of Mount Giovo (1991 metres) and Mount Rondinaio (1964 metres), or the other charming lakes of the area: Baccio, Turchino, Piatto and Nero.

You can walk through chestnut, beech and evergreen woods, at one with the rhythm and pace of the mountains, so very different to the frenetic pace we are subjected to daily; hiking and trekking enthusiasts can make their way along trails and mule tracks, discovering first-hand the sights and wonders of a forest of great ecological interest. Itineraries also include ancient churches, farmhouses and evidence of local history, with perhaps a stop at a mountain refuge or trattoria to taste local produce such as wild mushrooms, trout and more.


Pievepelago is an important destination for summer sports, with a wide range of facilities for football, tennis and various other sports, including an excellent swimming pool and indoor sports centre. It is also home to an important children’s tennis centre, belonging to the Italian National Tennis Federation (FIT), as well as to other courses and camps for junior football and other sports. In the past, the area was isolated by the snow which fell on these mountains during the winter, with life coming to a standstill until the arrival of spring; nowadays the opposite is true, with the mountains coming to life as a winter sports destination, for lovers of Alpine and cross-country skiing, and ever-more popular off-piste skiing, through enchanting woods off the beaten track.

Outlying hamlets

It is impossible not to also mention some of the town’s architectural points of interest, such as the Capanne Celtiche (Celtic Huts), the Fola Bridge and Roccapelago Castle, where the Mummy Museum is also located.

If you come on holiday to Pievepelago, we definitely recommend a visit to the outlying hamlets of the main town.