The Passport to the Modena Apennines was a new initiative introduced in Summer 2022, and immediately proved to be a great success, with many people taking part enthusiastically.
A ‘game’ suitable for all ages, with the aim being to visit as many high-altitude locations as possible.
In 2023, more local towns and villages were added to the project – created to promote tourism throughout the Apennines – with the number of places to visit increasing from 15 to 21.


How it works is very simple. You can purchase your copy of the passport at a cost of € 2 in one of the participating tourist offices located in the villages of Fanano, Sestola, Riolunato, Pievepelago, Montecreto, Fiumalbo, Pavullo nel Frignano, Polinago, Serramazzoni, Castelvetro (for Guiglia, Marano and Zocca), and Modena. Having purchased your passport, you can then set off to discover all the participating locations.
In each location there is a dedicated point where you can get your passport stamped, proving that you have been there.
There are 21 different stamps to be collected, especially designed to best represent each place.
When you have visited at least 15 locations (with 15 stamps in your passport), you can go to participating tourist offices to collect the current year’s gadget: for 2023, for example, this was a neck warmer with a pattern designed on the passport stamps.


All the locations are high-altitude and stretch across the Modena Apennines from Fanano to San Pellegrino, including: Lake Scaffaiolo, Croce Arcana Pass, Cimoncino, Doccione Waterfalls, Pian del Falco, Lago della Ninfa (Nymph’s Lake), Passo del Lupo, Pian Cavallaro, Cento Croci Pass, Le Polle, Piane di Mocogno, Capanne Celtiche (Celtic Huts), Sant’Annapelago, Lago Santo (Holy Lake), San Pellegrino in Alpe. 2023 additions are: Mount Cervarola, Mount Santa Giulia Park, Sassoguidano Nature Reserve, Sassi di Roccamalatina Park, Ponte d’Ercole (Herculean Bridge) and the Bucamante Waterfalls.


The 2022 Passport with its 15 locations is still valid and it is still possible to complete the goal of visiting at least 10 out of 15 locations! You can decide to continue with your old passport (and complete the collection already started) or buy a new passport and choose to keep the stamps you collected last year in your old passport. In this case, when collecting your prize, you will have to present both passports and, as long as they are both registered under the same name, you can combine them to collect at least 15 stamps out of 20.

(For example: if you purchased the passport in 2022 and collected 3 stamps, you can purchase the new passport and avoid returning to places already visited with the first edition passport. When certifying the places visited, you will need to present the first passport with 3 stamps and the second with at least 12 stamps, for a total of 15 stamps).

Now you just need to grab your passport and set off to discover the magic, sharing your experience on the social media channels of @inappenninomodenese.