This small, rare pond lies in a small hollow next to a beech wood, just a few hundred metres from the arrival station of the Stellaro chairlift.

As well as the wild plants and flowers growing on its banks, there are several animal species inhabiting the lake, some of which are quite unusual!

This wetland is indeed home to numerous dragonflies, which are born and nest here, as well as two rare species of newt: the Alpine newt and the crested newt. It is in fact also called the newts’ pond due to the presence of these fascinating animals.

lago di rovinella montecreto

How to get there

The lake can be reached via a dirt road that starts from Passo Serre and follows CAI trail 461.

Alternatively, you can reach the vicinity of the lake by chairlift from the village of Montecreto, or by following the itinerary along the “Via dei Monti” (Mountain Way).