A cinematic landscape with a breathtaking view of Mount Cimone.

Hearing the name “The Wild West of the Modena Apennines” for the first time undoubtedly comes as somewhat of a surprise.

However, we are sure that, as soon as you see this magical place with your own eyes, you will understand why it was given such a name.

The sandstone formations present in this area, which stretches between Mount Cervarola and Passo del Lupo, seem to transport you directly on to the film-set of a Western movie.

The large accumulations of sandstone are indeed reminiscent of the American Far West, framing a splendid view of Mount Cimone and the mountains as far as the Reggio Emilia Apennines.

Lake Rovinella and the Esperia Botanical Gardens – a gem of a place – are not far from here.

If you like walking, we recommend starting out from the centre of Montecreto and following the Via dei Monti (Mountain Way), which will bring you here.

Alternatively, you can leave your car at Passo Serre and follow the dirt track, CAI (Italian Alpine Club) trail no. 461, which will bring you to the Far West in just a few minutes!